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Here we are, the cover I designed for the fifth NOTOCON proceedings book! This will be released at this year’s National Conference in Orlando, Florida, and will be available to the general public on Amazon afterwards.



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Amidst the sound and fury of Britain’s EU referendum I have noticed an interesting pattern in the rhetoric coming out of the Eurocratic Establishment: they sound exactly like an abusive spouse whose victim has finally worked up the courage to leave. Consider that so much of what they are saying boils down to:

  • You can’t make it on your own!
  • You’re too weak!
  • You’re nothing without me!
  • No one else will ever want you!

And then of course there are the standard threats:

  • I will hurt you if you leave!
  • I’ll make sure no one ever talks to you again!
  • I’ll take everything you have!
  • You will lose your children!

Am I belaboring the obvious when I point out that, when your partner starts talking like this—and the EU has effectively been saying things like this for years anytime the subject of anyone leaving has come up—it’s proof that you ARE in an abusive relationship and SHOULD leave?

Now, in the interests of full disclosure I should state here that I am, and always was, a firm supporter of getting Britain out of the EU. For that matter, I am a firm supporter of disbanding the EU altogether.

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I have been re-reading one of my oldest occult acquisitions. I append both a photo and my review.

london cults

Strange Cults and Secret Societies of Modern London by Elliott O’Donnell, E.P. Dutton, 1935.

Mr. O’Donnell was a journalist who specialised in accounts of ghosts and hauntings, as recorded in several books. While there are ghosts aplenty in this book, most of it is concerned with showing how people can be just as weird before death as after. The author speaks of the old standbys like the Thugs, the Rosicrucians and the Mafia, as well as less reknowned groups like the Grey Sisters, the Mummy Worshippers, Tree Lovers (not to be confused with Tree Huggers apparently,) and assorted Lesbian Cults. Some of these groups I suspect are pure inventions, but whether of Mr. O’Donnell or his informants I cannot tell.

He dismisses ‘Mr Alistair [sic] Crowley’ as not being ‘in the least degree serious or genuinely mystical.’ I would say the same about Mr. Elliott O’Donnell.

[Originally published in The Herald-Tepaphone, Volume IV, Number 1 (Spring 2001 ev)]

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by William Robert Darwin

It is a truth universally acknowledged that trailer parks cause tornadoes. What is less well-known is that this is actually a part of the trailer park’s reproductive cycle. For trailer parks are not built, they grow.

Anyone who has driven down a country road has come upon what looks to be an old car sitting abandoned by the side of the road. In fact this is not a car at all, but the immature form of a trailer which has just sprouted from the ground. If not pruned im- mediately it will, after passing through stages where it resembles a station wagon or a truck, develop into a full trailer.

Similarly, when you see a trailer surrounded by several old cars up on blocks, you are in fact seeing an incipient trailer park. What look to be cars are really more immature trailers that have budded off from the first one.

Eventually these colonies develop into full trailer parks, and the budding process continues until the colony reaches a critical mass and enters the sexual phase of its reproductive cycle. This involves generating a tornado so as to scatter its spores agross the landscape, thus beginning the cycle anew.

[William Robert ‘Billy Bob’ Darwin (great-great grandson of Charles) of Down-Home House, Alabama, was author of The Voyage of the 18-Wheeler, On the Origin of Jack Daniels, and The Descent of Rednecks, among other classics of natural history. This brief account was rescued from the flames after he repented on his deathbed and returned to Jesus, after which all his notes were destroyed by his wife Britney.]

[Originally published in The Old Hoosier Thelemite, Volume I, Number 1 (Spring 2008 e.v.)]

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I first heard about Aleister Crowley as a teenager, having seen him mentioned in assorted pop occult books as The Wickedest Man in the World, The Great Black Magician, etc. But the first time I actually read anything he wrote was in this book:


I found this in, of all the possible places, my high school library (which also unaccountably had a complete set of Man, Myth, and Magic.) As you can see from the contents, this is basically a collection of historical material about black magic, fleshed out with some fiction. This includes the Crowley piece, which is actually Chapter XIX of Moonchild.


While I’ve never forgotten that it was a Peter Haining anthology I was never able to remember the title. Since the man actually made his living by compelling these things, tracking down one specific long-out-of-print title was impractical. Then last fall I move to a new town and discover the exact book in the public library. Now I obviously must obtain a copy for myself, purely for historical interest.

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The Inimitable Klarkash-Ton

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Here’s my collection of Clark Ashton Smith books, including all four titles from the Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series and some juicy items from Necronomicon Press and Arkham House. This collection should expand over the next few years now that Night Shade Books is issuing their complete fiction volumes in paperback.


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Old Lovecraft

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Here’s my collection of old Ballantine Lovecraft paperbacks. I love these Gallardo covers.

ballantine HPL

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Dream Record from 2007 ev

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I was going through old files and found this dream record from 2007 ev:

A man searches a library for The Book of The Chariot by Aleister Crowley only to discover someone else has beaten him to it. That night he awakes to find an old man in his room asking if he would travel the Path of Light. He says yes whereon the old man tells him that the Road of Light is the Milky Way and the home of dead souls. These cannot distinguish between their memories of life and their unfulfilled desires, so there is no truth on that Path. If the man wants truth he must travel the Path of Darkness. The man agrees and is shown a horse-drawn chariot in his yard. The old man tells him to drive wither he will, but he must take the first left at the crossroads where he sees a vampire being slain. This happens and the man finds himself driving through the sky amid witches on their way to the Sabbat.

That’s all there is. Does this make sense to anyone?

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Below is my collection of Charles Addams and New Yorker books. While living on the east coast I was able to see two showings of Addams original art. Amazing what he did with only a few basic techniques.


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In addition to Thelema, I am somewhat a fan of a fan of the Traditionalist School of Rene Guenon, Julius Evola, Frithjof Schuon, et al. As you can see from the photo, I have pretty good collection. Some of these books I actually inherited from my Great Uncle John, who died  shortly before I was born, and I did not realize their significance until I studied comparative religion in college. Curiously enough, one of my classes was taught by an old disciple of Schuon’s.

traditionalist books

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